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Good things...

I'm a thinker... I'm a dreamer. I am hopeful.
I know what I want and I know what I don't want. I know what's important to me and what is not... I know who is important to me and who is not... I think about the events in my life, past and present, all the time. I dream about acheiving sheer happiness. I am hopeful of finding that happiness.

I think that hope is the single most important thing we have. We mustn't ever forget to hope. Hope keeps us on our toes. It keeps us smiling. It gives us a reason to move on. It gives us purpose and it helps us to achieve new goals and realize new dreams. Hope can lead us to success and it can lead to love. Hope is everything we need. We are nothing without it. We are lost without it. Think about it - that moment we doubt, that moment we give up... we lose hope. When we lose hope we become sad and despondent. Hope can change our lives for the better and for the worse. With hope we are eager and happy. We sing. We dance. The loss of hope brings on tears and woes. Lack of hope is a grey sky with thunder clapping loudly above. Hope is a ray of sunshine, or a rainbow over the horizon.

I know this. I know this to be true. I know the value of hope. I know the value of making sure that, even when seemingly impossible to do, never to give up on hope. When I do, I am lost and with hope, the gift of hope, I can do anything. When I am hopeful the world is my oyster and I can indeed see that rainbow yonder.

I try to be hopeful. I try to be positive and smile as often as I can. It's a positive message. It's a powerful message. It never ceases to amaze me how others see me - strong, powerful, courageous, positive and, hopeful. I often don't feel this way about myself - I know I'm not alone here. Life is a series of adventures and journeys. Some are breathtaking and exhilirating and fantastical. Others are not - they're hard and challenging... We all have them and our challenges may not all be the same, but we have them nonetheless. One's person challenges are no more than another's... different, perhaps, but no more. As I battle my own self doubt and insecurities I must tell myself never to lose sight of hope, and the power of hope.

I am filled with hope. I am hopeful.
I am hopeful that my future will be bright and sunny. I am hopeful that my children's future will also be bright and sunny. I am hopeful that I will find the successes I've been searching for, for such a long time. And yes, I am hoepful that I will find love. Love, they say, makes the world go round. But without hope we'll never get there. As tough as some days get... as sad as some days get I have yet to ever give up on hope.

Hope has gotten me to where I am now and it will get me to where I am supposed to go - wherever that may be. And I mustn't ever lose sight of the fact that anything I've ever hoped for I've gotten... and I do hope that I will see all that I now hope for come to fruition...

I hope that you always hang on to your hope and never lose sight of it!




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